Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Accordionist and Ceilidh Dance Caller Kenny Wilson

This is the home page of Kenny Wilson. I am a guitarist, singer/songwriter, accordionist, clarinettist and ceilidh dance caller from Leicester U.K.

I also write a blog about my life, my travels and my research into the 1960s Counterculture (and anything else that interests me). You can find this at kennywilson.orgIf you want, you can visit other sites I am involved with as well by clicking on the Links section below.

More recently, I have developed an interest in photography, and have taken thousands of pictures over the past few years. You can view some of these in the gallery pages (Photo Gallery at the top of this page).

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something of interest here. To get back to this page just click on the Title at the top!

To contact me call 0782 564 0991 (U.K.) or email kenny.wilson@outlook.com.


White Rabbit Ceilidh Band  Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band for all occasions. I play Accordion and do the Calling (teach the dances!)

White Rabbit Ceilidh Band and The Falling Angels
Same band, different events!

The Falling Angels  Good Time Folk, Blues, Irish and Country (with a bit of Rock and Roll thrown in!) Played on Guitar, Accordion, Fiddle, Mandola and Harmonica!

Kenny Wilson’s YouTube Channel  A collection of short films and videos I have made.

Kenny Wilson on Facebook  My Facebook Page

Kenny Wilson at the Exchange Bar, Leicester

Kenny Wilson’s Blog  My blog site containing various posts, original recordings and My Life In Music (a continually growing autobiography)  

Parisian Swing Band  A band in the French style. Popular songs and Jazz Classics from the 30s to the 60s. I do vocals and play the accordion.

Kenny Wilson playing with Parisian Swing.

Past Performances:

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